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Vision and Values

Mt Richmond School

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All the students at Mt Richmond access the learning areas of the NZ National Curriculum as well as developing skills in the Key Competencies. All students are provided with support appropriate to their level of need. Each class provides a differentiated programme specifically designed to meet the needs of the students which covers all areas of thew curriculum.

Students at Mt Richmond have an Individual Education Plan which sets out goals for each student based on their needs and abilities. IEP goals are set to assist students in becoming independent and working at the best of their ability.

There are a range of specialised programmes for the students to take part in throughout their time at school: Riding for the Disabled, Bee Keeping, Swimming, Flying Dance and many others.


Establishing positive relationships among students, staff, parents, families and whanau and the wider community is an important value at Mt Richmond Special School. We aspire to work in partnership to provide quality educational programmes and therapy support. This enables Mt Richmond to meet the wide range of differing and individual needs of our students across a variety of educational settings.

The Board of Trustees meet monthly to discuss school matters. The Chairperson is required to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the Principal to ensure smooth and efficient running of the Board.

Mt Richmond School hosts whanau hui’s, parent training session and outside agency meetings. All are welcome to attend these sessions.

Circle Of Courage

Circle of Courage

Mt Richmond Special School reflects the rich diversity found in many New Zealand schools. The students at Mt Richmond also present a comprhensive range of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, sensory, mental health and behavioural needs. A young person from any cultural background who lacks a sense of self-worth is vulnerable to a host of social, psychological and learning problems.

In 1990 Brendtro, Brokenleg and Van Bockern blended the findings of major reilience and self-esteem studies with traditional proven methods of child rearing to propose a strengths-based approach to supporting children and young people, and called it The Circle of Courage. The four basic components are:

  1. Belonging – Whanaungatanga
  2. Mastery – Matauranga
  3. Independence – Mana Motuhake
  4. Generosity – Mana’akitanga

The Circle of Courage provides a blueprint for reclaiming children and youth at risk and restoring bonds of respect in our schools and communities. The Circle of Courage philosophy is not only compatible with Maori values and beliefs but also those of cultures “where the central purpose of life is the education and empowerment of children” (Brendtro, Brokenleg & Van Bockern, 2002). In addition to being key factors identified by Maori as essential for a person’s well-being, these values are inherent in the school vision and the various cultures of the students and staff at Mt Richmond.


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